What Do Yorkies Eat?


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Yorkies are healthier when fed hard-textured, dry dog foods that contain a good amount of protein from meat sources such as fish, chicken, lamb or turkey. Yorkies also thrive on carbohydrate-rich foods such as brown rice and sweet potatoes. Vegetables and fruits are also healthy food choices.

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The diminutive size of yorkies requires feeding them smaller portions of food during meals, and owners should give them dry kibble that is designed for small dogs. Some owners may include fish oils with food to keep their dog's coat shiny. Yorkies tend to have sensitive stomachs, so feeding them food containing fillers such as corn or soy could cause stomach upset. On average, adult yorkies eat around 150 to 200 calories per day of high-quality kibble, and puppies around 400 calories per day. Yorkies eat three to four portioned meals a day due to their small stomachs.

Overfeeding yorkies should be avoided to prevent the onset of debilitating hip and joint problems, which they are prone to experience. Yorkies maintain better weight and health when given low-calorie snacks made from natural foods such as cooked vegetables. Canned pumpkin and tiny portions of cheese also make good snacks. Any changes to a yorkie's diet must be made gradually over a period of weeks to avoid stomach discomfort.

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