What Facts Do You Know About Yorkie Dogs?


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Yorkshire Terriers were originally used to catch rats in clothing factories in 19th-century England. Yorkies are part of the terrier breed, which makes the animal brave, inquisitive and energetic in personality.

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Yorkies are dogs that originate from the town of Yorkshire in northern England. In the 19th century, Scottish workers brought several small dogs of the terrier variety that would later become the Yorkie breed. Experts believe that workers or mill owners bred the Yorkshire for the purpose of controlling rats in fabric mills. Notable breeds that came together to create the Yorkies are the Maltese and the extinct Paisley Terrier. A particular Paisley Terrier by the name of Huddersfield Ben was a show dog of the 1860s who defined the traits of modern Yorkies. The dog's popularity skyrocketed demand for puppies of its lineage, and Ben is known as the father of the Yorkshire Terrier.

The personality and temperament of a Yorkshire Terrier is largely based on its upbringing. Yorkies generally do not enjoy being left alone, and they follow their owners consistently. Their terrier traits can make them stubborn and headstrong, which can be a problem during training, but this depends on the dog's personality. Training sessions should be short and include different activities, because Yorkies have short attention spans. Even though they have high energy, a daily walk and casual playtime is usually enough exercise for a Yorkie.

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