What Are Some Yorkie Characteristics?


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Yorkies, known officially as Yorkshire Terrier dogs, are little in size but big in personality. They are notorious for being loyal and sweet towards their owners, but aggressive and distrustful towards strangers and other dogs. They are active, alert, and tend to be on the needy side - they crave attention and do not like to be left alone for long periods of time.

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Yorkies are known for being loud and barking at many different sounds, people, and other animals, but they can be trained to quiet down. Because they are on the more active and aggressive side, they are not the best dogs to have around small children. Some other common characteristics of this breed are their outgoing, confident personalities and sensitivity to others. Yorkies can easily pick up on being teased and can sense when their owners are nervous or upset, and as a result may become agitated themselves. Yorkies are ideal indoor house dogs, as they do not do well in cold, damp weather. Because of their active personalities, they require daily exercise. They can be difficult to potty train, but they are quite receptive to other types of training, such as obedience training and trick performing.

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