Do Yellow Spotted Lizards Exist?


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Yellow spotted lizards do exist and are typically found in warmer climates like Texas and parts of Central America. The official name for this species of lizard is the Lepidophyma flavimaculatum, or yellow-spotted night lizard. These lizards reach up to 5 inches in length, making them the largest of the night lizard species.

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The yellow-spotted version of this lizard is a member of the Xantusiidae family, which is made up of approximately 30 different species of night lizards. The yellow-spotted night lizard gives birth to live offspring, but only one or two during their lifetime. This family of lizards have unusual reproduction methods because they mature late and give birth to so few offspring. Most lizards reproduce in large batches and mature early, giving them more of a chance to survive in their habitat. The night lizards avoid this by using microhabitation.

The lizards found in the Texas and Central America area are disjointed and found in small communities. They survive by existing on the food available in these small areas, which also limits the number of predators that can lower their number quickly. These lizards actually live a rather long life for the size they are. Most can be expected to live between 10 and 15 years in the wild, though some may live longer in captivity.

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