What are some facts about yellow finches?


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Yellow finches are small birds that are native to North America. The male is notable for his yellow plumage, which is at its most brilliant during the breeding season. He also has black and white wings and a black cap on his forehead.

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The yellow finch, also called the American finch, is the state bird of Washington, Iowa and New Jersey. Its conical bill identifies it as a bird that eats seeds; it is partial to the seeds of sunflowers, asters and thistles and readily visits feeders. It even feeds seeds to its young. Because of this, if a cowbird lays an egg in a yellow finch's nest, the chick won't survive long. Cowbird chicks need the nutrients provided by insects.

During the breeding season, the female builds a watertight, cup-shaped nest in a shrub or a young tree. She waits until midsummer to build her nest, as that's when the food plants go to seed and produce the long fibers that go into building the nest. The female then lays from two to seven eggs.

Yellow finches are unusual in that they moult twice a year. They moult in late summer, and then in late winter.

These finches live in overgrown areas such as fields full of weeds. They are also found in backyards and public parks.

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