What Would Win in a Fight Between a North American Grizzly Bear and an African Lion?

According to Brad Folsom of History Banter, one recorded fight between an African lion and a grizzly bear ended in stalemate on April 1, 1885. The 550-pound lion, named Parnell, was too exhausted and injured to continue fighting against a 700-pound grizzly named Ramadan. Although evenly matched, the grizzly won.

Both animals inflicted serious injuries on each other. The lion's speed, agility, razor-sharp claws and powerful bite proved to be advantageous early in the fight before the big cat wore down trying to tear through the grizzly's thick hide. Once the lion was worn down, the grizzly's sizable strength advantage proved to be the deciding factor. In the wild, grizzly bears have been known to kill competing black bears, an animal roughly the same size as the African lion.