What Would Make a Good Name for a Male Dog?


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A good name for a male dog is a matter of opinion. Many thousands of names might be considered good names for a male dog, but some popular examples include names of powerful men throughout history, tough animals and names that bring to mind masculine traits.

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What Would Make a Good Name for a Male Dog?
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Some male dog names borrowed from powerful men or male characters include Zeus, Tyson, Caesar, Apollo, Hulk, Prince and Hunter. Names of other tough animals, such as Rex, Bear and Lion, also make good male dog names. Some masculine-sounding names include Butch, Axel, Gunner, Diesel, Spike, Killer, Rebel and Rocky. Not all popular male dog names are so menacing; some are friendlier-sounding, such as Ace, Lucky, Champ, Benji, Sam, Teddy, Buster or even Snowball.

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