What Would Happen If a Tarantula Sac Only Had 100 Eggs?


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A tarantula sac with only 100 eggs means 0 to less than 100 spiderlings. Disturbed female tarantulas end up destroying or eating their egg sacs, and no egg survives. However, some eggs hatch after 45 to 60 days, but some are infertile or decomposed. Some tarantulas do not carry their egg sacs; they hide the sacs under rocks or trees. Sometimes, the eggs become prey to other creatures.

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Tarantulas can have 50 to 2,000 eggs. It takes one to four months before they hatch. From eggs, they grow legs, and then they become nymphs and hatch into spiderlings. It is common for tarantula mothers to eat their eggs. Mother tarantulas have to be separated from their spiderlings to avoid cannibalism. Spiderlings should be separated from each other so they do not eat each other. They also need protection from other predators. They feed on crickets and other small insects, including grasshoppers, caterpillars and beetles.

Female tarantulas are known to live longer than the males. Mature male tarantulas may live up to three months, while the female can live up to 25 years in captivity. The wandering of male tarantulas occurs during summer, especially in Texas. This phenomenon may be due to mating or migration.

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