What Do Worms Eat?

The diet of a worm is based off its location, but worms traditionally eat everything from dead leaves to melon rinds and even cardboard. Studies show that worms are one of the only creatures on the planet that use just about all solid waste as their main diet. This is why many environmentalists believe that worms have the ability to save the planet. They suggest that worms be added to landfills to help eat the waste before it builds up.

Just like any other creature, worms have foods that they like more than others. Worm farmers find that they love to eat pumpkin and corn cobs. Most worms are also big fans of fruit rinds from cantaloupe and watermelon. Although not their favorites, worms also enjoy eating banana peels, eggs shells, coffee grounds and tea bags. Worm farmers also say that worms can tolerate the digestion of citrus-based foods, garlic and onions. However, when worms are presented with other foods, these types of foods are avoided.

There are some foods that are not good for worms to eat. Worm farmers say meats, diary products, salty foods and bones are not good to put in worm compost piles. Other things to avoid feeding to worms include inorganic products and grass clippings.