What Is Worlds Largest Catfish?


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According to The International Game Fish Association, the largest catfish ever caught was a 260 pound Mekong Catfish. This fish was caught at Gilihams Fishing Resorts in Krabi, Thailand on November 29, 2010 by Martin David Kent.

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The International Game Fish Association lists thirty five different varieties of catfish they track catch records for. Of these thirty five varieties, the largest record is for the Mekong Catfish. The smallest record catfish is a 1 pound, 8 ounce Thickspined Catfish caught by Wayne Chung Wei Lau on March 26, 2004 in the Bang Pakong River in Thailand. While these are the largest confirmed catches, there are reports of other record sized catfish that were not verified by The International Game Fish Association.

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