What Is the World's Largest Polar Bear?


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The largest polar bear on record was shot in Alaska in the nineteenth century. It was over 12 feet tall and weighed 2,210 pounds. Polar bears have an average weight of 900 to 1,000 pounds. They are considered one of the world’s largest bears.

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Polar bears feed exclusively on meat, with ringed seals being a diet staple. They are opportunistic hunters and prey on bearded and harbor seals, and other sea mammals such as beluga whales and walruses. A polar bear’s large stomach enables it to eat 150 pounds of food in a single sitting. In order to maintain their huge bulk, a polar bear must kill the equivalent of a seal every five to six days.

During the summer, the pack ice melts and seals become scarcer. During this time, polar bears feed on anything that is edible, including birds, eggs, rodents and berries.

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