Why Won't My Kitten Eat?

won-t-kitten-eat Credit: Lise Gagne/Vetta/Getty Images

There are several reasons why a kitten will not eat, states WebMD, including illness, unfamiliarity or psychological problems. Hypoglycemia, especially common in kittens, is one such illness that oppresses the appetite in cats, according to Pet Place.

Hypoglycemia is a deficiency in blood glucose and is especially common in kittens under 3 months of age because they are still developing, Pet Place reports. At this age, they cannot yet regulate their own sugar levels. Other issues can exacerbate this illness, such as stress and parasites. Other symptoms of hypoglycemia that owners need to be aware of include loss of appetite, listlessness, awkward movements, seizures, weakness and coma. The first step for treatment is for owners to see a veterinarian. The second step is to treat the cause of the hypoglycemia, which means dealing with the psychological or medical issues, such as stress or parasites.

WebMD also points out that these psychological issues can be a result of travel, change and unfamiliarity, which especially affects cats because they are dependent upon habit. Another possible problem is that the type of food the cat eats has changed. In that case, the solution requires nothing more than giving the cat time to adjust to the change in diet.