Where Do Wolverines Live?


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Wolverines require large geographic areas to roam for food, and as such, often inhabit remote boreal forests, taiga and tundra in Northern Europe, Asia and North America. Wolverines may roam up to 15 miles a day looking for food. Wolverines are omnivores and consume plants and berries, although they have a tenacious appetite for meat, as they are equipped with teeth and jaws that can easily chew through bone.

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Wolverines are solitary animals, and typically mark their territory; however, male wolverines are prone to share their territorial space with females. Wolverines have polygamous relationships, and female wolverines typically build a den under snow or other cover each year to give birth to approximately two to three kits in late winter or early spring. Surprisingly, male wolverines maintain relationships with their kits, and often visit them. The kits stay with their mothers until they are 2 years old before they wander off into the world on their own.

Wolverines have dense fur, broad heads, short legs, small eyes and short round ears. They have a powerful build, but are typically rather small and weigh in at approximately 35 pounds. They belong to the same family of animals as otters, weasels and minks.

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