What do wolverines eat?


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Wolverines have a diverse diet that includes small mammals in the summer months and large or decaying animals in the winter months. Wolverines live in highly rugged mountain regions and traverse these environments in search of food.

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What do wolverines eat?
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As explained by the Defenders of Wildlife, the wolverine is an opportunistic feeder. One way or another it finds food. In the summer months, wolverines hunt for small creatures such as mice, squirrel, hare, porcupine and even birds. These prey animals are plentiful, so food supply does not pose an issue for the wolverine in the warmer seasons. In the winter, wolverines primarily scavenge on carcasses of dead animals. Highly effective scavengers with a keen sense of smell, they use their strong teeth to crunch up bones and tear through frozen flesh. When deep snow is in the wolverine's favor, it will hunt animals that are double or triple in size, such as caribou, moose and mountain sheep. The wolverine is not a picky predator and essentially hunts any animal it can catch.

They have been known to travel great distances through extreme alpine environments in search of something to eat. Since they do not hibernate, they travel year-round. Wolverines are well-adapted for snowy environments with their extremely dense fur, large snowshoe-like paws and crampon-like claws.

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