What Is a Wolf Rat?

Wolf rats are fictional creatures featured in the 2008 PC role-playing video game Drakensong. In the game, these creatures can be found in sewers, cellars and dungeons. Although solitary wolf rats pose little threat to an experienced warrior, players should be wary of wolf rats when they attack in larger numbers. Wolf rats are not to be confused with the game’s smaller species of rats, which do not attack players.

Players encounter some of the most challenging fights with wolf rats in their quest to rid the brewery of its infestation problem. Upon entering the brewery, the player is met by two gray wolf rats, which are typically the lowest level. Continuing through the tunnel, players run into two stronger black rats before finally fighting Mother Ratzinsky.

Within the Drakensang universe, wolf rats’ tails are prized by goblins for making stews. Wolf rat tails can also be sold to the cook at the Silver Pitcher. His opening offer is 2 farthings, but after successfully haggling for a better price, players can sell the tails for 4 farthings.

Drakensang is the most recent video game that takes place in the Dark Eye Universe. It is preceeded by Attic’s “Northland Trilogy.” The Northland Trilogy features “Blade of Destiny,” “Star Trail” and “Shadow over Riva.”