How Do You Winterize a Sea Doo?


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To winterize a Sea Doo, apply fuel stabilizer, Sea Doo Lube, and antifreeze. Winterization must be performed in colder climates to protect the vehicle and prevent freezing.

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Begin by adding fuel stabilizer to your fuel tank according to the directions on the container. Attach a flush hose to the carb connector and start the Sea Doo's engine, turning it up to half throttle. Spray Sea Doo Lube into the carb openings. Remove the spark plugs and spray Sea Doo Lube into the cylinders. Rev the engine to distribute the Lube and then reinstall the spark plugs.

Change the jet pump oil and grease the seal and PTO. Remove the inlet hose, the outlet hose and the drain hose from the pump. Tie them so that their ends are above the top of the engine. Place a hose pincher on the smaller hose that connects under the pipe to the water inlet hose. Insert a funnel into the end of the water inlet hose and pour antifreeze in until you see it rise above the top of the engine.

Leave the hoses tied for the duration of the winter. Drain and dry the engine compartment and spray any exposed metal parts with Sea Doo Lube, including the carb and cable attachments.

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