What Do Wild Quail Eat?

Wild quail tend to eat wild grasses, seeds, insects and various types of berries. They are known to eat blackberries and strawberries during their growing seasons.

The most popular quail species in North America is the bob white; within the bob white are numerous subspecies. Due to their small size, quail groups can sustain on little food plots. Berries and seeds grow in abundance and are small in size. Quail, being small themselves, consume these foods without creating damage to the surrounding environment or sapping trees and grass needed for future growth.

Unfortunately, human influence has drastically reduced quail populations due to habitat displacement. Since quail are not migratory birds, they tend to live and die within the area they claim as their own. They resemble people in this regard since they may select an area based on the useful resources nearby and choose to invest their time and rearing of offspring in that area. Both the Federal Conservation Program and nonprofit organization Quail Unlimited are helping to nurse the endangered species back to an abundant population. These programs ensure wild quail chicks are raised in protected environments and then released into the wild without going through a domestication process.