What Do Wild Frogs Eat?

Frogs primarily survive on a diet of insects, earthworms, minnows and spiders, according to Defenders of Wildlife. They get the water they need not by drinking it like humans do but by absorbing it through their skin, which is permeable.

Frogs are often found sitting on lily pads or hanging out with their heads just above the surface of the water, waiting for their meals to fly by. The main food source for most frogs is a combination of flying and swimming insects as well as earthworms and tiny fish. In some cases, a frog might eat another frog depending on the circumstances and the size of the frog, though this is not their typical diet of choice.

The frog is considered both a predator and prey in the wild. This makes them valuable to the way that the ecosystem functions by balancing populations of insects as well as serving as food for larger animals.

Some frogs like to wait under the mud for their prey to pass by and then surprise them. Others hide within the vegetation, and when bugs fly through or spiders crawl by, the frogs reach out their long, sticky tongues, hitting the targets and bringing them back into their mouths.