What Are Some Facts About Wild Dogs?


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African wild dogs are highly social, and they range over large tracts of land. Each one has unique coloring and markings that help the animals distinguish one from another. Their coats have blotches of yellow, white, red, brown and black fur that earn wild dogs the nickname painted dogs.

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Other unique physical characteristics of wild dogs are their four toes and rounded ears. Other canines boast five toes per foot. These social animals live in large packs, headed by an alpha pair. Only the female of the alpha pair breeds. She whelps up to 20 pups, and the entire pack helps care for the young. The socialism of wild dogs extends to hunting, as they hunt as a pack. When one of the dogs leading the hunting party tires, it drops behind. A fresh dog takes its place. Wild dogs even feed in a social manner, because they lack the natural aggression other canines display.

Wild dogs range over a wide area, with a pack's territory extending up to 930 square miles. These animals are now endangered, partly due to habitat loss and partly because of diseases passed to them from domestic animals. Cape hunting dog is another name for the African wild dog.

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