What Do Wild Bunnies Eat and Drink?

Wild bunnies and rabbits are herbivores, feeding on greenery, flowers, clovers, fruits and vegetables and drinking water. During colder months, they forage for plant shoots, tree bark and pine needles. Kits, or baby rabbits, nurse from their mothers twice a day for only a few minutes.

Wild bunnies prefer tender young green plants and high-protein vegetation over fibrous dry growth. They usually eat twice a day: morning and night. Wild rabbits in captivity need grass hay, pellets and leafy greens such as collard greens, watercress, Swiss chard, broccoli and kale.

Wild bunnies, particularly very young ones, should never be removed from their nests, as this drastically shortens their chance of survival. Mothers usually only come back at night, so a nest containing only babies during the day is completely normal. If an individual finds a genuinely orphaned bunny, she should contact a professional to help rehabilitate the animal in order give it the best chance of survival.

Wild rabbits live in all types of environments, from woodlands and prairies to urban and suburban locations. Those living near people can make pests of themselves by eating flowers and vegetables in gardens. The best course of action is to wait, as rabbit populations change quickly, and construct barriers to protect the plants.