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The Whoodle is a mixed-breed dog created by breeding a soft-coated Wheaten terrier with a standard or miniature poodle. Considered a hybrid or designer dog, the Whoodle combines the friendly, trainable nature of a poodle with the energy and intelligence of a terrier. The Whoodle is also known as the Sweatenpoo.

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Part of the designer cross-breed trend, the Whoodle is a high-energy, family-oriented dog that can weigh between 25 and 45 pounds when fully grown. Breeders create cross-breeds like the Whoodle to combine favorable traits from several breeds and avoid health problems that can arise in purebreds due to a limited gene pool.

The Whoodle's thick fur is prone to mats and tangles and requires frequent, thorough grooming. Like the poodle, Whoodles tend to have somewhat hypoallergenic coats. Common Whoodle colors include wheat, apricot, brown, black and silver. The color of a Whoodle puppy's coat typically lightens as the dog matures.

Because they are energetic and headstrong, Whoodles require firm and consistent training with an emphasis on positive reinforcement. As they do not always tolerate rough play, they do best in households with adults and older children. Most Whoodles get along well with other dogs, cats and other pets. Whoodles seldom bark. Because these dogs are sensitive to heat, Whoodle owners should be careful not to over-exercise their pets during warm weather.

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