What Are Some Facts About the Whitetail Deer?


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Whitetail deer are the smallest member of the North American deer family and also the most common large North American land mammal. Their habitat extends all the way from southern Canada to the northern parts of South America, with some even living in Europe.

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During the summer, whitetail deer usually inhabit fields and meadows, only venturing inside coniferous forests for shade. During the winter, they prefer to stay in the forests. Adults have reddish-brown coats in the summer, which fade to more of a gray color once winter begins. It is easy to identify males in the summer and fall because of their antlers, which grow during those seasons and fall off during the winter. During the mating season, or rut, males use their antlers to compete over females by sparring with one another.

Feeding habits of the whitetail deer also change during the seasons. For example, during the warmer seasons, they prefer to graze in meadows, while in the winter, they feed off of the bark of trees. The times that whitetail deer usually forage are during the early dawn and early dusk hours. This species of deer has been known to eat over 600 different types of plants, but prefer acorns, grasses, leaves and clover. They have even been known to eat cultivated crops such as corn and soybeans.

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