What White Spiders Are Found in Florida?

White spiders found in Florida include the goldenrod crab spider and the white banded crab spider. In both species, females change back and forth between yellow and white as they await prey. The goldenrod crab spider preys on much larger insects, including butterflies and bees.

The goldenrod crab spider also is known as the flower crab spider because it often hunts in the fall on goldenrod flowers. It is the largest and most recognized spider in North America that lives in flowers. It can be yellow or white, depending on the color of the flower it is using for hunting. Young females frequently change color to match their surroundings. They are also known as banana spiders because of the yellow color they sometimes take on to match goldenrod flowers. The change from white to yellow takes 10 to 25 days, while the change back takes 6 days.

The white banded crab spider also hunts on flowers. Adult females change between white and yellow to match their environment and catch pollinating insects in their area.

In Florida, widows and recluses are the only known venomous types of spiders. The territories in which spiders are found often change because spiders are so easily transported in vehicles and luggage.