Where Do White Rhinos Live?


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White rhinos live in flat, open woodland with nearby grassland and thick brush in sub-Saharan African parks and other dedicated, protected areas. Their range is a small fraction of what it once was, both due to habitat destruction and widespread hunting for their horns. Such hunting is now illegal in many countries, but poachers still hunt and kill white rhinos for their horns.

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The white rhino is the second largest land animal, second only to the elephant. They weigh up to 8,000 pounds and are up to 13 feet long and 6 feet tall at the shoulder. White rhinos have two horns which are placed one in front of the other, with the front horn being the longer of the two. Their name does not come from their color, which (typical of rhinos) is gray, but is, rather, derived from an African word for "wide." This refers to their top lip, which is very wide and flat. This lip is designed to aid them in eating grass, which is their primary food source.

Likely because their large size and armaments make them very difficult prey, white rhinos are neither skittish nor aggressive and tolerate other species approaching them closely. Adult males, however, are territorial and fight off other adult males, mostly without any real violence.

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