What Do White Owls Symbolize?

Jim Cumming/Moment Open/Getty Images

White owls symbolize both wisdom and darkness. The Celtic people believed that the owl was a sacred animal.

The owl, whether white or another color, has the dual symbolism of darkness and wisdom, with the darkness referring to evil and death. Owls are assumed to be perceptive because of their wise qualities and nocturnal lifestyles. (Night can symbolize both darkness and awareness).

The owl is also thought to be symbolic and representative of perception. Perception is related to the ability to see what is happening around you, and it is thought to be perceptive because of its wise qualities and its nocturnal lifestyle (the owl is most active at night and night symbolizes both darkness and awareness).

Owls are not only most active at night, but they are also able to see through the dark and to fly without noise so that they can easily catch prey. The Navajo Indian tribe believed that the owl was the way to enter into the supernatural world and to learn about the spirits found on earth. The Pawnee Indian tribe believed that the owl was the “Chief of the Night” and would protect the tribe from evil spirits.