What are some white owl superstitions?


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Superstitions, symbolism and folklore surrounding white owls vary depending on the culture that holds the beliefs; some white owl superstitions are that a white owl is a foreseer of death and a guide for spirits or white owl sightings are a gift and bestow intuition and foretelling of future events. Some white owl symbolism negatively associate the bird with death.

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White owl superstitions are based in part on the owl's rarity, nocturnal and mystical nature. They are often depicted as companions to witches and wizards and as a guide for transitioning souls

Some superstitions surrounding the white owl are rooted in the true nature of owls. For instance, owls are generally able to predict the weather and can see at night and therefore the origination of owls seeing the future came about. Superstitions across many cultures have been associated with the white owl since medieval times.

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