Why Are White Lions Endangered?


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White lions are endangered as a result of the canned hunting industry, captive breeding, and mishandling in zoos and circuses. According to White Lions Homeland, white lions are extremely rare and hold significant spiritual value to the indigenous people who believe them to be leaders of the human race. The Sphinx, Egypt's link between mankind and the gods, is in exact longitudinal alignment with the white lion's natural home.

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Why Are White Lions Endangered?
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Experts believed that the white lion was incapable of protecting itself due to its bright-white coats, and they were forcibly removed from their natural habitat and placed into captivity. South Africa legalized the canned industry, which allows endangered species to be removed from the wild, bottle fed, socialized with humans and then shot by trophy hunters while in their cages. A British investigative television program first exposed the existence of the industry, and it continues to grow internationally.

In 1991, Linda Tucker, a native South African, undertook the task of returning white lions to the wild. She and her team have successfully returned two prides of white lions to their natural habitat in Timbavati, a small, remote area in South Africa. Here, they are protected from the canned hunting industry. Their successful survival has proven that their coloring in no way hinders their ability to live in their intended environment.

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