What Do White Doves Eat?

White doves feed primarily on seeds. Rocket Swag lists popcorn kernels, millet and sunflowers as particularly suitable. Grit in the form of crushed oyster and egg shells should be provided separately. Soft foods, such as cornbread and hard-boiled eggs, can be mixed into the seeds. The occasional bug, worm or green can be added to their diet as well. White doves can also eat different grains and wheat.

According to the American Dove Association, doves can be fed once a day with a wide variety of seeds as a selection with the expectation that the doves eventually learn to eat a balanced diet of seeds. The ADA advises scattering some seed in cages or pens to engage them during the day and keep them active searching for food, preventing them from becoming fat and under stimulated.

The ADA also recommends adding a drop of bleach into a gallon of water to prevent algae growth. Most doves also eat fruits and vegetables, some learning to enjoy rice, peanut butter and cheese. It is helpful to also supplement the diets of white doves with cod liver oil and brewer's yeast once a week. Their seed containers and water bowls must be kept clean and free of droppings.