How Do You Find Free Westies to Adopt?


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Contact local rescue organizations, shelters or the Humane Society, or use websites such as Adoptapet.com to find available Westies. Specific Westie organizations such as Westie Rescue, Inc can also help you find a pet. However, there may be some costs involved as many shelters and rescue agencies charge an adoption fee.

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Depending on your location, you can contact individual shelters and rescue organizations or use an online database to find Westies. Organizations exist in several countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico and Australia.

Shelters are typically physical locations with staff and volunteers where animals are cared for until adoption. Rescue organizations can be private homes, foster homes or private boarding facilities. Sometimes shelters place pets in foster care before adoption. Most shelters have vaccination and sterilization records, which help in obtaining a pet license.

Petfinder.com and Adoptapet.com have searchable databases covering Canada, Mexico and the United States. These organizations work with multiple rescues and shelters to try to place pets for adoption.

According to Adoptapet.com, if you find a Westie at a shelter in your area, you can make arrangements to visit and meet the dog and fill out an adoption application. If the application is accepted, you will likely pay a fee ranging from $25 to $125. According to Westie Rescue, Inc.,the average cost to adopt an adult Westie is around $300.

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