For What Were Siberian Huskies Used?


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Originally, the Siberian Husky was bred to be used as a sled dog and a group of huskies would be attached to a person's sled in order to help them quickly transverse the snowy regions of northeast Asia. The Siberian Husky breed was bred by a group of people in Asia known as the "Chukchi people."

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For What Were Siberian Huskies Used?
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In 1909, the first Siberian Husky dog was brought over from Asia to the United States. The dogs were used in Alaska and were quickly used for sled work. In 1930, the American Kennel Club officially recognized the breed. The Siberian Husky is considered to be an affectionate, strong, intelligent and curious dog breed. Although they have many positive qualities, they are difficult to train and not recommended for first-time dog owners due to their intelligent and indifferent nature.

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