Why Were Canine Carry Outs Recalled in 2012?


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Though there have been rumors circulating about the dangers of various pet treats, including Canine Carry Outs, since2012, there has never been an official recall of Canine Carry Outs as of 2015. In fact, Waffles At Noon debunks the myth, explaining that though Canine Carry Outs were listed in a warning graphic that circulated social media in 2012, the official FDA documents show that there were zero actual complaints received about Canine Carry Outs.

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The FDA did issue a warning about the potential hazards of dog treats manufactured in China already in 2007 and again in 2011; however, Canine Carry Outs specifically were never mentioned. Dog Food Advisor has been listing recalled dog foods since 2009, and its list does not include Canine Carry Outs either. Snopes.com lists the Canine Carry Outs rumors as unproven and points out that similar rumors have emerged in social media without any more credit.

However, it is a fact that some dog treats contain an ingredient called propylene glycol, which FDA has declared unsafe to use in cat food but it is deemed safe for dogs. While Dog Food Advisor reminds dog owners that treats containing this or other synthetic ingredients should not be fed to the dog all the time, infrequent treats as a part of a balanced diet should not pose any dangers to your dog.

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