What Are Some Welsh Corgi Facts?

What Are Some Welsh Corgi Facts?

Welsh Corgis are outgoing, people-oriented dogs. They were originally bred to herd cattle and sheep, but sometimes they try to "herd" humans by nipping at their feet.

Welsh Corgis are intelligent and therefore easy to train, but they need human interaction. They enjoy obedience training, and they compete well in many dog sports. Because they are extremely social, they often bark at various stimuli.

According to Dog Breed Info, the Welsh Corgis have two main varieties: Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh Corgis. The main difference between them is that Pembroke Corgis do not have tails. The Corgi is a long dog with short legs, making it low to the ground. Its coat is black, fawn, red, sable or tan with white markings, and it sheds significantly.

Welsh Corgis are adaptable and friendly, but they are not suitable as yard dogs. They require the company of humans. They are social both with people and other dogs, but they can be stubborn during housebreaking.

WebMD explains that Welsh Corgis are prone to glaucoma, back disorders and hip dysplasia. They gain weight easily, and they often develop back problems when they become overweight. Welsh Corgis require regular exercise, and their food intake must be closely monitored by their owners.