What Are Some Well-Regarded Automatic Waterers for Horses?


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A 2014 poll of horse owners found that Nelson was the most favored brand of automatic waterers for horses, with over 60 percent of the vote. Ritchie followed in second with almost 16 percent and Miraco Mirafount came in third with almost 14 percent.

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All brands were rated easy to maintain except the most popular, Nelson, due to a tendency of malfunction with the valves, filters, and heating units in their products. The participants of the poll also stated that they got the most use of their automatic waterers in the winter and 77 percent of the participants preferred heated waterers to prevent water freezing in the winter months. Of the brands in the poll, Nelson, Ritchie, Equuspring, Petersen, Hoskins, and Hutchison all include heating elements. However, the brands Bar-Bar-A and Cobett both claim to use pumping and draining systems that eliminate the need for electric heating.

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