Why Are Weimeraners' Tails Docked?


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The American Medical Veterinary Association explains that tail docking is generally a cosmetic procedure but is sometimes performed to prevent injury to a dog's tail. In some working dogs, docking the tail is a common practice because the tail may otherwise break while the animal is performing its duties. According to DogBreedInfo.com, the Weimeraner is a hunting dog and classified as a working breed.

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Why Are Weimeraners' Tails Docked?
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Even though the American Medical Veterinary Association is against tail docking in almost all cases, the practice remains controversial and is generally favored by Weimeraner breeders. Silvasheen Weimeraners still recommends tail docking in spite of the fact it is no longer permitted under Australian law. According to Silvasheen Weimeraners, this breed has an unusually thin tail that is prone to being broken or torn. Tail amputation is no longer considered docking when performed for a medical reason, and Silvasheen Weimeraners warns that this is a major operation in adult dogs as opposed to when it is performed on puppies.

Britfeld Weimeraners is another breeder in favor of docking these dogs. This breeder explains that short-haired hunting dogs such as Weimeraners are prone to severely damaging their tails when they travel through thick undergrowth. However, the American Medical Veterinary Association still asserts that most breeders are only in favor of tail docking for cosmetic and traditional purposes.

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