What Websites Feature English Mastiff Dogs for Sale?

What Websites Feature English Mastiff Dogs for Sale?

English Mastiff dogs are available at NewYorkMastiffBreeders.com, KingHillMastiffs.com and MadiganMastiffs.com. NewYorkMastiffBreeders.com screens a network of Mastiff breeders throughout New York and the United States and places puppies in lifelong homes.

Site visitors can access a photo gallery of available puppies. Each listing includes background information about temperament, age, markings, contact information and price.

New York Mastiff Breeders also offers help with financing and a comprehensive 10-year health guarantee. Each puppy is required to receive a comprehensive health exam by a licensed veterinarian, is dewormed and is up-to-date with vaccinations. Additionally, NewYorkMastiffBreeders.com provides customer testimonials and a puppy counselor who is available by phone seven days a week.

KingHillMastiffs.com is an English Mastiff breeder located in Maine, New York. Puppy availability is reserved for those who live within a one-hour radius or who have been placed on a waiting list. Consumers request a puppy application and must agree to spay or neuter before being placed on the list. KingHillMastiffs.com hosts a photo gallery of champion dogs they have bred, information about the breed and links to Mastiff clubs, publications and dog shows.

MadiganMastiffs.com offers puppies for sale with a written health and temperament guarantee. Puppies are home-raised and sold with American Kennel Registration papers. Site visitors can access a Mastiff puppy questionnaire that includes topics such as the special aspects of raising a Mastiff puppy, crate training and correct collars and basic training and correction. This site offers newborn puppies that are available at 8 weeks old, as well as older puppies up to 12 months old.

The English Mastiff is an ancient breed prized for its size and courage. Mastiffs are extremely large and powerful and are excellent as guard dogs. They are intelligent and sensitive and may become shy, fearful or aggressive if mistreated.