What Are Some Ways to Get Rid of Snails?


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Some ways to get rid of snails include surrounding frequented areas with copper wire, which gives snails a little electric shock, damp dog food, empty grapefruit halves or a rough material, such as grit or crushed eggshells. Another way is to smear the rims of vulnerable plant pots with petroleum jelly and salt.

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Contrary to the traditional belief in the long-distance homing instincts of snails, taking snails far enough away, around 65 feet, from the area in need of protection should also help to keep them from returning. The best time to gather snails for removal is at night, since this is when they feed. Alternatively, laying boards down during the late afternoon creates hiding places for snails that can be flipped in the morning.

To protect vulnerable plants before the snails attempt to feed in the first place, it is a good idea to cover them with a clear plastic bottle with the base cut off and the lid removed.

Among the best deterrents for snails, however, are their natural predators. Introducing ducks, chickens or turtles into the area can be a good way of keeping snails at bay. Alternatively, making the yard inviting for frogs, toads and other birds is also likely to help.

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