What Are Some Ways to Get Free Puppies in New Hampshire?


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One way to get free puppies in New Hampshire is to ask relatives, friends or acquaintances who live in the state if they offer puppies for rehoming for free. Some animal shelters and humane societies may also conduct fee-waived dog adoption specials on select days throughout the year. Applying as a foster parent of puppies also allows you to have free puppies in your care for a limited time.

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Even though you can get a puppy for free, you still need to take it to a veterinarian to get its vaccinations and deworming medications, have it spayed or neutered, or undergo its first veterinary checkup.

In order to increase their adoption rates and find homes for rescued animals, some animal shelters and humane societies sometimes conduct adoption events. While most of the animals may be more than a year old, some may also have fee-waived adoptable puppies. Many animal shelters also participate in adoption events funded by nonprofit organizations. Canine Commitment NH, for example, is a licensed shelter in New Hampshire and sometimes posts fee-waived adoptable puppies on its account on Petfinder.com.

If you want to take care of puppies in New Hampshire without paying for food or veterinary services, you may apply as a foster parent to puppies who are waiting for their new homes. Many shelters and Humane Society locations, including the New Hampshire Humane Society, accept foster parent applications. If approved, you can take care of the puppy while the agency finds a long-term family for the pup.

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