What Are Some Ways to Listen to Bird Songs?


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One way to listen to bird songs is to peruse the Macaulay Library available at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology. They provide recordings of songs from thousands of birds to listen to online. Those who want to download a song may have to pay for the download.

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The Macaulay Library also provides videos and guides about specific birds. There are also over 30,000 recordings of other animals, including mammals, reptiles, and fish to explore. The library is useful for biology students and birders.

Another option is to download a software app such as Larkwire. This app is designed as a game that requires birders to listen to short samples of bird songs and try to guess the bird species. The app shows a selection of four possible birds and the user clicks on the bird she thinks is correct. When wrong, the app stops playing and highlights the image of the correct bird. Larkwire is available through the app website and on the iTunes store.

It is also possible to play a layered mix of bird songs via a streaming Internet radio station. Birdsong.fm plays soothing songs 24 hours a day. Those who sign up with their email accounts can also get access to more sounds and content.

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