What Are Some Ways to Identify Hornets?

Identify hornets through coloration, size and types of nests. Common types of hornets include baldfaced, European and mud daubers. Baldfaced hornets are predominantly black in color with a white face. They build paper nests usually in exposed locations such as trees, on overhangs or poles

The baldfaced hornet can build nests as large as 24 inches.

European hornets are large-sized, nearly 1 inch long. They have brown bodies with yellow stripes and a pale brown face. European hornets also build paper nests that are covered in brown paper. Nests are generally located in hollows, such as the walls of houses, inside trees or barns. European hornets are often attracted to porch lights at night.

Mud daubers are slender, long and black in color but may have a metallic shine and pale markings. They do not live in colonies. They are frequently identified by their nests that the females construct. The nests are long, slender tubes made of mud. They frequently build on the wall of buildings, barns, porches or garages.