What Are Some Ways to Get Farm Animals at a Low Cost?


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To find farm animals at low or reasonable prices, browse Craigslist.org for listings of farm animals for sale by private owners, or attend local livestock auctions that sell farm animals. Feed stores and farm supply establishments sometimes have chickens, ducks, geese and rabbits on a seasonal basis. Weekly farmer's markets may have small livestock for sale at times.

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Tractor Supply Company allows customers to order chickens and ducks in the spring. Local classified ads usually accommodate livestock sale ads. Sometimes, livestock owners are willing to trade other animals or allow people to trade work for farm animals.

Farm animals can be cheaper in the fall and winter months due to the cost and availability of feed. Having some extra hay stocked puts you in a good position to find a deal on livestock during the cold months when prices are low. Avoid buying farm animals in late spring and summer to avoid overpaying. Purchasing multiple animals from the same farm or person can result in a discount. More popular breeds can be less expensive to buy if you put down a deposit well in advance. Farms may offer discounts if you pay in cash since they don't have to pay credit card processing fees.

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