What Are Some Ways to Diagnose Skin Problems in Dogs?


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A veterinarian must be present to diagnose skin problems, but dog owners can make educated guesses about their dogs' conditions by looking at their dogs' skin. Dog owners can also compare the dog's symptoms to symptoms of various skin issues, according to PetMD.

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There are more than 160 dog skin disorders and therefore a veterinary examination is the best course of action for dogs with skin issues, notes PetMD. One of the more common skin disorders is skin dermatitis. Skin dermatitis is usually an allergic reaction to food, environmental toxins, products or a result of allergies, notes WebMD. Dermatitis causes the skin to be red or pink and looks similar to a human rash. Another common skin disorder in dogs is a yeast infection. Yeast infections cause itchy skin that may be a dark red or bright pink color with yellow patches, according to WebMD. Yeast infections occur most often in the ears or on the paws.

Another common skin disorder for dogs is impetigo. Most often seen in puppies, impetigo presents as blisters with pus on the dog's stomach or other hairless regions. If the dog has greasy fur or skin and scaly dandruff, then the dog may have seborrhea, states WebMD.

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