What Are Some Ways to Find Cute Kittens for Free?


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Two websites that offer free kittens locally are Craigslist.org and KittensForAdoption.us. Many legitimate sellers add a small rehoming fee to ensure that the kitten goes to a loving home.

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What Are Some Ways to Find Cute Kittens for Free?
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On KittensForAdoption.us, both individuals and cat breeders are free to post advertisements. Individuals looking for a kitten can narrow their search down by fur, color, age, sex and geographical distance. The website also allows people to search by price.

While many cats and kittens are listed for free, others, specifically cats of a particular breed, are listed at a set price. Most listings include photographs of the cats that are available for adoption. The website also hosts cat videos and information that is necessary for first-time cat owners.

Craigslist typically hosts advertisements for individuals looking to rehome their cats and kittens. These advertisements typically list any vaccinations that the kittens have received, as well as the reason for rehoming, such as not getting along with other resident pets in the household. All potential buyers should ask questions of the seller prior to agreeing to pick up their cat, to avoid questionable veterinary bills.

Asking for a rehoming fee is common on Craigslist to ensure that the pet is going to a responsible household. The collection of a small fee shows that the kitten isn't being used for dog fighting bait or medical experimentation.

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