What Are Some Ways You Can Adopt Free Yorkie Puppies?

There are several options for sources when adopting a Yorkshire terrier, including local shelters, breed-specific rescue organizations and breeders looking to place older dogs. To avoid having to take a dog back or find yet another new home for the dog, the primary concern for any organization seeking new homes for dogs is whether the breed is suitable for an applicant's lifestyle.

Yorkies require ample attention and training, as well as dedication to routine grooming and preventive veterinary care. Prospective owners must recognize the responsibility and financial commitment involved in taking a Yorkie home.

The Yorkshire Terrier Club of America group features a network of breeders as well as a sister organization, the Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue group, dedicated exclusively to the rescue and adoption of the breed. The Yorkshire Terrior National Rescue Group requires a questionnaire and application with personal and veterinary references to ensure that an applicant is a suitable match for a rescue dog. Once approved, applicants should have patience, as the group may not immediately have a Yorkie available.

The Yorkshire Terrier Club offers referrals to breeders who have older puppies available for placement in homes. Local shelters or all-breed rescue organizations may occasionally have purebred Yorkies. Using a site like Petfinder can help prospective owners search for available Yorkshire terriers in a given radius.