What Is the Best Way to Rescue a Boston Terrier in California?

What Is the Best Way to Rescue a Boston Terrier in California?

The best way to rescue a Boston Terrier in California is to contact local dog rescue organizations, including traditional animal shelters and breed-specific organizations.

  1. Research organizations in California that conduct animal adoptions

    There are a number of animal shelters in California, including those connected to the Humane Society and the ASPCA. Additionally, there are organizations dedicated exclusively to finding homes for one specific dog breed. Petfinder's website displays available animals matching your search parameters, which allow specifying a single breed.

  2. Find a group that specializes in adopting out Boston Terriers

    Boston Buddies, Boston Brigade, Bostons by the Bay Rescue and Wonder Dog Rescue all focus on finding homes for Boston Terriers in need.

  3. Learn more about adopting a Boston Terrier

    Most rescue organizations require that an adopter be at least 18. The adopter must prove that she has a lease or owns a home that allows dogs. Many organizations require a volunteer visit the potential home to ensure it is a good environment for a pet. Boston Terriers are intelligent and lively dogs. They do best in an environment with a lot of human interaction and can be destructive without adequate exercise and mental stimulation. Their short coats are low maintenance.