What Is the Best Way to Kill Fleas in a Home?


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Effective methods of eliminating a home flea infestation include: thorough cleaning and vacuuming; flea-killing carpet sprays; whole-house flea foggers; spraying for fleas in a yard or outdoor area utilized by pets and people; and natural remedies such as covering the carpet in diatomaceous earth to kill flea eggs and larvae.

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It is important to treat pets with topical flea medications. Pets treated with medication attract and kill adult fleas. Removing flea larvae and eggs throughout the home is also crucial. Eggs found in dark places, such as couch cushions, cracks in floorboards and pet bedding, are eliminated by vacuuming, disinfecting and laundering.

Carpet sprays, lawn sprays and household flea foggers use chemical methods to kill fleas. Consumers should confirm that the product chosen kills all flea life stages. When using a vacuum to remove flea eggs from carpets or other areas, pet owners should throw away the vacuum bag to prevent fleas from hatching inside the bag and reinvesting the home.

Diatomaceous earth, or DE, is a fine, sandy material with microscopic sharp edges. The edges cut the exoskeleton of the flea, which causes it to dehydrate and die. DE is sprinkled on surfaces and carpets to eliminate fleas. Food-grade DE is recommended, because it is nontoxic to pets and people.

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