What Is the Way to Give a Dog a Bath?

To give a dog a bath, use a shampoo that is specifically formulated for dog's coats and make sure that after massaging the shampoo in, the shampoo is thoroughly washed out. Regular brushing can help with the upkeep by ensuring that the coat does not get any more mats and that the skin stays healthy.

It is also recommended that bath time be made into a fun and relaxing event for the dog by starting bathing early when the dog is just a mere puppy. For dogs that have itchy skin allergies, a hypo-allergenic, hydrocortisone-based or gentle oatmeal shampoo can help calm skin and reduce itching.

Shampooing is the most important step in the bathing process because it helps to get rid of parasites, such as fleas and ticks. It also helps to get rid of the "doggy odor" that many people dislike. Shampooing can also help a dog get rid of annoying and unsightly dandruff that can happen due to dry or oily skin conditions.

For pet owners whose dogs often have unhealthy coats, supplementing bath time with fatty acid supplements in the dog's diet can help to produce glowing coats. The number of baths that a dog needs varies depending on its breed, the amount of time spent outdoors, the dog's age, the dog's medical conditions and the owner's preference. For a specific number, the owner should speak with his or her regular veterinarian.