What Is the Best Way to Clip a Dog's Nails?


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The best way to clip a dog's nails is to use dog nail clippers and ensure the dog remains calm and relaxed. The two main types of nail clippers are guillotine and scissor types; the user must be comfortable with the trimmer type chosen.

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Guillotine clippers have a hole that the nail goes through and a blade that moves up to cut the nail. Scissor types work like traditional scissors, with the two sides coming together when the handles are squeezed to perform the cut.

The dog needs to get used to being touched on its paws by its owner's hands and the clippers. This helps keep the dog calm during the nail clipping. Owners should introduce these new sensations to the dog until it is comfortable with them. Providing positive reinforcement and treats help the dog associate the experience with good feelings.

When the dog is relaxed, the clippers are aligned with the dog's nail and gently clipped while avoiding the quick, which can bleed. If the quick is nicked and bleeds, a clotting powder can quickly and easily stop the bleeding. At first, only one or two nails should be clipped at a time to reduce potential stress on the dog before moving up to more nails per session in the future.

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