What Is the Way to Catch a Rabbit?


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There are several methods to catch a rabbit including cages, snares, poison and by hand. Poison is not recommended because it is lethal and cruel, however, many farms use poison forcing the rabbit to die a painful death and potentially killing nearby wild animals or even pets.

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To catch a rabbit gently by hand, a person must be faster than the rabbit or able to outlast it. Unfortunately, rabbits are quite fast and can run for more than 45 minutes at one time. The best way to catch a rabbit by hand is to stay hidden and then pounce. A professional wildlife animal control group can help the person catch the rabbit by hand.

To use a snare, simply purchase the wire noose at a nearby supply store. The problem with this method is that the rabbit may try to bite if it is scared, and it may injure itself by trying to fight its way out of the snare. If the rabbit injures itself, it no longer has a good chance of surviving out in the wild.

A cage is typically the best method for catching a rabbit because it is safe and effective for both the person and the animal. A wooden box trap with a door rigged to fall after the rabbit has entered makes it easy to transport the rabbit to a different area. It also ensures that the rabbit will not be injured and can live peacefully wherever it is released.

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