What Do Water Bugs Look Like?


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Water bugs are very similar in appearance to roaches, being anywhere from light brown to black in color, with crunchy exoskeletons and six legs made of small sections, two antennae and beady, black eyes. Water bugs tend to be more oval in shape and much bigger than roaches.

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Like the name suggests, water bugs like to live in and around water supplies. They tend to be solitary insects, living in either small groups or alone until mating season, unlike roaches who surround themselves in hoards of other roaches. There are 1,500 known species of water bugs around the world. Unlike roaches, water bugs have mouths that are built to pierce and suck, so they bite, inject digestive juices and suck out digested tissue from even humans. The bite of a water bug can be painful.

Water bugs live in freshwater, and prefer to live and breed in moist, dark places, such as attics and ceilings with water damage. However, these bugs do not have the ability to actually breathe underwater. They use their swimming skills, however, to hunt and kill small animals, such as tadpoles, minnows and other insects. Like roaches, they are often draw to sweet, sticky food items like sugar and syrup.

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