Do Wallabies Make Good Pets?


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A wallaby can make a good pet as long as it receives the necessary care requirements. For instance, a wallaby makes the best pet for a household that can provide it with plenty of space to run and hide. The Bennett's wallaby needs the most room because it is the biggest of the three varieties of wallabies.

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A wallaby needs an area that is at least 36 square feet. This allows it space to exercise and run around, but it also gives it sufficient grazing room. The space needs to be enclosed.

The wallaby makes a good inside or outside pet. If left outside, the wallaby needs a heating pad or a dog house when the temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If the wallaby is going to be kept inside, a house needs to be safe for the wallaby to explore. If the owner leaves the house, the wallaby can be left in a secure space such as a bedroom.

The wallaby needs a diet of fresh, chemical-free grass. It needs to graze for its food, so having a fenced-in lawn is desirable. A wallaby can also have a small amount of fruits, vegetables and wallaby pellets. Because a vitamin deficiency is a serious problem for a pet wallaby, it needs vitamin E and selenium supplements.

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